You may not be able to count yourself lucky. But it's close.

Of course, you'd rather spend money on business development and profitability than on tax. Close collaboration with us, as leading tax advisors to owner managed businesses, strengthens your chances.

We keep up-to-date with new proposed legislation and new legal practice. We know the law's boundaries. With good knowledge of the objectives and purpose of your company, we can build as beneficial a tax situation as possible. With better profitability as a consequence.

Below are a few examples of areas where our expertise can be decisive. They concern companies and their owners and can have crucial tax consequences.

  • when starting a business and choosing/changing type of enterprise 
  • the correct VAT treatment when trading within the EU and beyond 
  • the choice between salary and share dividend
  • when choosing pension solutions and insurance cover
  • when starting subsidiaries or when you relocate operations abroad
  • during purchases and sales of property and inventory
  • when buying or selling a business 
  • construction and real estate VAT
  • VAT accounts for foreign companies in Sweden
  • contact with the Swedish National Tax Board and foreign agencies
  • advice during tax audits
  • counsel or representative during proceedings against the Swedish National Tax Board